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Qualiton PHONO Röhren-Vorverstärker

A premium category vacuum tube phono stage with extreme low noise and distortion level, made for complementing the series Qualiton. On its input, the appliance can receive low level signals coming from moving magnet cartridges. Optionally at extra charge, with the help of the changeable card at the rear panel, the circuit can be re-configurated, this way, the appliance will be able to process signals coming from moving coil cartridges. In the signal transmitting circuit, signal processing is done by Tungsram ECC83 as well as Tesla E88CC double triodes. The standard RIAA correction is realised by a classic passive network between the amplifying stages. In this case, we did not use a negative feedback. The nominal input sensitivity of the appliance is 5 mV. In response to an input signal with an effective value like this, at the output ports an effective output signal value of the nominal 500 mV can be measured.

In order to achieve the lowest possible noise level, we have designed an external, stabilised power supply unit for the appliance with high capacity filter capacitors and high quality connectors. In this respect, we were not willing to settle for any compromises either, considering that this construction is much more advantageous than a usual configuration. In the case of the latter, the scattered magnetic field of the power supply transformer has a significantly adverse effect on the signal-to-noise ratio of the signal transmitting circuit, directly deteriorating the musical experience.


Nominal output level                                                 500 mV

Input sensitivity - with MM card                              5 mV, to nominal output level

Input sensitivity - with MC card                                0.4 mV, to nominal output level

Number of input ports                                               1 MM-level input per channel,

                                                                                        or optionally 1 MC-level input per channel

Number of output ports                                             1 line level output per channel,

                                                                                        with 500 mV nominal output level

Max. input signal - with MM card                             100 mV

Max. input signal - with MC card                               2 mV

Gain - with MM card                                                    +40 dB, (f = 1 kHz)

Gain - with MC card                                                     +62 dB, (f = 1 kHz)

Total harmonic distortion - with MM card               < 0.07%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 5 mV)

Total harmonic distortion - with MC card                < 0.2%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 0.4 mV)

Frequency response                                                     20 Hz - 20 kHz, (-0.3 dB)

Input impedance - with MM card                              47 kOhm

Input impedance - with MC card                               145 Ohm

Signal-to-noise ratio - with MM card                        > 70 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio - with MC card                         > 65 dB

Tubes required                                                              4 x Tungsram ECC83; 2 x Tesla E88CC

Weight                                                                            5.4 k9

Dimensions                                                                    35 x 8 x 30 cm